My 2021 Wrapped
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My 2021 Wrapped

2021 was an exciting year. As always, I tend to start with many good ideas and objectives. Then around April/May, I lose track of everything, distracted by other things until November, when I realize the year is ending soon.

Last year I published the list of books I read. This year, I decided to expand this format, including personal learnings and experiences.

2021 Highlights

  • Joined Yelp in a remote position from UK
  • Talked at SwiftHeroes 2021
  • Open sourced PR Assigner, an internal tool I created in Just Eat for developer productivity
  • Helped my mentee to find their first job in a company as iOS Engineer


I completed my challenge of reading 15 books! It may not sound a lot, but it's a significant achievement given what happened this year.

Books are an effective way for me to learn. From my vast reading list, I usually pick up the ones that talk about a challenge or problem that I'm facing at that moment.

Lessons learned

  • Communication is a crucial skill, no matter what career path you'll choose
  • Stakeholders don't read slides shared via email. They prefer a short list of bullet points
  • It's important to be able to communicate the results of your work to get recognition